Hover the title or the image to get the download link. This is where I'll put some of the things I've extracted and converted from the games I've played. I really like viewing all the CG images and stuff in PS1 games so I have a tendency to extract them for myself. While I'm at it, I might as well share it too, so yeah. Also, this might be pretty obvious but there's spoilers so just be aware of that :P.


Also known as Dark Messiah (ダークメサイア) in Japan. This is the first Ennou-Deizou game I played, and I was especially interested in it because of the CG portraits of the characters which I found to look pretty darn cool. Even one-off completely irrelevant characters get their own neat little portrait and I was generally just impressed with how detailed the FMVs and backgrounds were for a game that came out in 1998 from a relatively small company. I have a pretty weak tolerance to horror so while playing this 20-something year old game I genuinely screamed... A LOT. Also, FMVs were extracted from the European undub version of the game (Credits to swosho for the undub).

deSPIRIA (デスピリア)

Ennou-Deizou's last game out of like, 3 total that they ever developed...I was able to get most of the CGs and I think all(?) of the backgrounds, FMVs, and OST. I wasn't able to extract the pre-rendered enemy animations and MIND models though, which is really unfortunate because they are honestly the highlight of the game. If anyone does it one day, let me know because I would love to see them :3. Hellnight already had a pretty good amount of interesting lore but deSPIRIA takes it up a notch as the RPG style lets it elaborate more with character dialogue, exploration of the environment in 360 degrees, being able to "dive" into the minds of characters, etc. It's definitely a unique and overlooked game as I was surprised to discover that it doesn't seem to be very popular in Japan either.

Galerians (ガレリアンズ)

I played this game a few years ago because Hora was a really big fan of it. There's somethin' about a drugged up 14 year old kid who runs around exploding people's heads that is pretty awesome to me. This game also introduced me to one of my favorite artists, Sho-u Tajima who also worked on the Kill Bill movie, MPD Psycho, Brothers, among other things. Genuinely have a lot of fun with the gameplay although I am really bad at the boss fights. Similarly to how I took interest in Hellnight because of the FMVs and stuff, I really liked how they were able to replicate Tajima's style pretty well in the faces. Also, the OST samples Terrible Lie by NIN which is always a plus. Definitely recommend it for anyone who needs an RE clone to play.