My Art

I don't have active social media anymore so I figured it would be fun to at least have a website to put my art on...

My Sketches

Warning: Some of my personal art contains sensitive imagery. These images will be tagged with a content warning upon hovering. Please view at your own discretion!

Personal Characters

I'm always way too shy when it comes to talking about my characters. But these are the ones I'm planning to use in a comic of some sorts. I don't know what it's going to be about, I'm a terrible writer. I was just thinking maybe it would be cyberpunk-ish. But I asked my friends (THX JUNKO AND DOME!) and they gave me the idea of it being about a guy who harvests brains to see if he can extract happiness from them. I was thinking of writing it like those stories where things just happen and then the plot doesn't really develop till a few issues later. Like Johnny The Homicidal Maniac or something.

Anime Style Art

I also like to draw in an anime style sometimes. It definitely does feel a lot less restricting than my usual style, so I have a lot of fun with it.


Here's where I'll share some illustrations of military uniforms that I've done. You can hover the thumbnail for a little bit of information. I began doing these because I had to force myself to draw guns somehow (see: Log 22...). I am still in the process of researching and getting better with identification so there will be mistakes and inaccuracies. Feel free to send me any information or corrections on my Neocities page or E-mail :). Also, to make things for fun for myself, I usually draw my OCs wearing them xP.

Baroque Fanart

It would be impossible for me to like Baroque so much and not make any fanart for it!!!

Hmm... I wonder who my favorite character is...

Other Game Fanart

A lot of this stuff is from Ikaruga. I don't usually draw fanart for a lot of games so the fact I drew this much is kind of impressive. Before I got into Baroque I was really big on Treasure's games. I still am!!! Ikaruga had a huge impact on me, and I love the way Yasushi Suzuki's art looked during this period and Sin and Punishment. If you look at my Last.FM I've had over 3,000 plays on Ikaruga's soundtrack, and I think Hiroshi Iuchi only composed for like one other game, which is so insane.

Vkei Fanart

I don't draw a lot of Vkei fanart anymore but I do really love X Japan and Soft Ballet, so I occasionally draw things of them. I really love Ryoichi Endo so I draw him quite a bit, actually, so if I do update this more it'll probably just be filled with drawings of him.